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Oviduct (labels) - SEM

Scanning electron micrographs showing the characteristics of the wall of the oviduct. Note the highly folded tunica mucosa of the ampullary region of the oviduct. The lamina epithelialis of the tunica mucosa is shown in higher magnifications in the stacked micrographs. Note the presence of epithelial cells with cilia as well as cells without cilia (Peg cells). The peg cells are secretory in nature whereas the ciliated cells serve to propell the secretion of the peg cells toward the uterus along with an ovum, if present. The ratio of ciliated to non-ciliated cells changes with the cycle of the female animal under the control of hormones from the ovary.

Image courtesy of OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Copyright © Charlotte L. Ownby. Reprinted with permission.



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