Histology Links


Histology Lab Videos, © 2016 Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
These are the introductory histology lab videos for the histology course at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicien and Public Health. These videos have beatufiul images and excellent narration to explain the pertinent histology.

Electron Microscopic Atlas
EM atlas of cells, tissues, and organs.

Ed's Basic Histology Gallery: Kansas City, University of Medicine and Bioscience
Ed's Basic Histology Gallery contains slides, text and questions. Ed's Histology Notes are really good! The lecture notes contain well written, detailed material on each topic as well as correlation to the Slice of Life videodisk. The topics you can read about are categorized as follows: the male, the female, the adrenal, kidney, and bladder, the throat, the thymus and heart, and the thyroid and parathyroid. If want to read about pathology, explore his entire site. This is a wonderful site to learn from starting at the very beginning skill level in histology.

LUMEN: Loyola University
A great site. Sorted by topic. Each topic has a tutorial and practical exams. The site has a search feature and more links. They have a good section on the Anatomy and Histology of Normal Skin as well. Nice photomicrographs accompanied by brief description.

Dr. B's Histo Review: Rutgers
This is a great site for a histology course. Good listing of characteristics of the various tissues. There is a practice practical with explanations. The practice practical includes questions which are very specific. There is a nice written summary of the features of the various organs and tissues. There are also old lecture examinations.

Anatomicum: Oral and Craniofacial Histology
This site contains over 700 beautiful high resolution images with an emphasis on oral and craniofacial histology, but covering other regions as well. There are both light microscopic (LM) and electron microscopic (EM) images. All sections are taken from the curriculum of the dental education program at the University of Oslo.