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Key Histology Features

Instructions: Run your mouse over the histology slide want to view. Key histology features are described. If a link is present, click to view and listen to the histology audioslide.

histology slide

(1) histology slide of trachea

(2) histology slide of trachea


On histology slide (1), it is a little hard at this magnification to actually see the details of the mucosa. The epithelium of the mucosa is pseudostratificed columnar epithelium with cilia. Tracheal glands are prominent in the submucosa. The hyaline cartilage is very prominent. It is basophilic with chondrocytes in lacunae. The adventitia, the outer layer, is also visible on this histology slide. On histology slide (2), the epithelium of the mucosa, which is pseudostratificed columnar epithelium with cilia, is apparent.