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Histology Grade or No Grade: Bone
(a histology quiz game)


Instructions: In order to play Histology Grade or No Grade (a histology quiz game), you need a browser that supports flash. If you have sound, turn it on.

The object of this histology quiz game is to get the highest possible grade in histology. You must correctly answer a histology question each round. If you miss a histology question, this histology quiz game ends.

The first round, you chose a numbered envelope with your potential histology grade in it.

Each successive round you are asked a histology question. After you correctly answer the histology question, you chose a numbered envelope. As envelopes are opened, possible grades are eliminated.

Each round, the host of this histology quiz game will make you an offer. The board shows you the possible remaining grades. You can hold your envelope or accept his offer and trade your unopened envelope for the known grade. Remember, the object is to get the highest grade possilbe in histology!

Questions are taken from the Histology Test Bank. Detailed explanations can be found in the Histology Test Bank.

Note from Sarah Bellham: Grades E G U X are UK grades...think of them as an F.