Histology Fact Sheet: Stomach

The folds of the empty stomach are called rugae.

The epithelium on the stomach is lined by mucous surface cells which are a simple columnar epithelium.

Chief cells secrete pepsinogen. Pepsinogen is the precursor for pepsin. Parietal cells are also called oxyntic cells. They secrete hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor. Mucous neck cells contain mucinogen granules.

1. Serosa
2. Tela subserosa
3. Muscularis
4. Oblique fibers of muscle wall
5. Circular muscle layer
6. Longitudinal muscle layer
7. Submucosa
8. Lamina muscularis mucosae
9. Mucosa
10. Lamina propria
11. Epithelium
12. Gastric glands
13. Gastric pits
14. Villous folds
15. Gastric areas (gastric surface)


Histology: A Text and Atlas
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