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Histology Eponyms

Auerbach's plexus Leopold Auerbach myenteric plexus
Betz cells Vladimir Aleksandrovich Betz large pyramidal cells of the motor cortex of the cerebrum seen on histology slides
Bowman's capsule Sir William Bowman glomerular capsule of the kidney seen on histology slides
Bowman's membrane Sir William Bowman layer in the cornea below epithelium seen on histology slides
Bruch's membrane Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Bruch lamina vitrea of the choroid seen on histology slides
Brunner's glands Johann Conrad Brunner glands in the duodenum seen on histology slides
Bundle of His Wilhelm His, Jr. atrioventricular bundle
Canals of Hering Karl Ewald Konstantin Hering small bile ducts which connect to portal canals in the liver seen on histology slides
Canal of Schlemm Friedrich S. Schlemm scleral venous sinus of the eye seen on histology slides
Clara cell Max Clara secretory cell in the lung seen on histology slides
Cords of Billroth Theodor Billroth splenic cords of the spleen seen on histology slides
Crypts of Lieberkuhn Johann Nathaniel Lieberkuhn epithelial glands in the small intestine seen on histology slides
Descemet's membrane Jean Descemet limiting layer of the cornea seen on histology slides
Ducts of Bellini Lorenzo Bellini papillary duct of the kidney seen on histology slides
Ducts of Luschka Hubert von Luschka small ducts found in the connective tissue between the gallbladder and the liver
Golgi aparatus Camillo Golgi intercellular organelle
Golgi tendon organ Camillo Golgi sensory nerve ending embedded in a tendon for proprioception
Graafian follicle Reijnier de Graaf tertiary follicle of an ovary seen on a histology slide
Haversian canal Clopton Havers central canal of an osteon of bone seen on a histology slide
Haversian system Clopton Havers osteon of bone seen on a histology slide
Islets of Langerhans Paul Langerhans pancreatic islets of the pancreas seen on histology slides
Leydig cells Franz von Leydig interstitial cells of the testis
Loop of Henle Friedrich Gustav Jacob Henle U shaped loop in the nephron of the kidney
Krause end bulbs Wilhelm Johann Friedrich Krause cylindrical/oval sensory receptor
Kupffer cells Karl Wilhem Kupffer macrophage of the liver seen on histology slides
Malpighian corpuscle Marcello Malpighi renal corpuscle of the kidney seen on histology slides
Martinotti cell Giovanni Martinotti type of nerve cell found in the cerebral cortex
Meissner's corpuscle Georg Meissner mechanoreceptor
Meissner 's plexus
Georg Meissner submucosal plexus
Merkel's disc Friedrich Siegismund Merkel tactile receptor
Moll's gland Jacob Antonius Moll glands of the conjunctiva
Nissl bodies Franz Nissl rough endoplasmic reticulum of a neuron
Node of Ranvier Louise Antoine Ranvier area between two Schwann cells covering nerve fibers with axon which is not covered by myelin
Organ of Corti Marquis Alphonso Corti small organ of sound transduction; spiral organ
Pacinian corpuscle Filipo Pacini lamellar corpuscle
Paneth cells Josef Paneth cell type found in the small intestine seen on histology slides
Peyer's patches Johann Konrad Peyer aggregates of lymphatic tissue in the ileum seen on histology slides
Purkinje cells Jan Evangelista Purkyne cells of part of the cerebellum seen on histology slides
Purkinje fibers Jan Evangelista Purkyne part of the conducting system of the heart
Renal columns of Bertin Exupère Joseph Bertin renal columns seen on histology slides
Renshaw cell Birdsey Renshaw inhibitory interneuron seen in the spinal cord
Ruffini's corpuscle Angelo Ruffini sensory receptor
Scwann Cell Theodor Schwann cell involved in myelination of neurons within a nerve
Sertoli cells Enrico Sertoli sustentacular cells of the testis seen on histology slides
Space of Disse Joseph Disse perisinosoidal space of the liver seen on histology slides
Volkmann's canals Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann perforating canals of bone
Wharton's jelly Thomas Wharton mucous connective tissue seen in umbilical cord